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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy 

Cybersecurity is a major risk for virtually every business and governmental entity. There are media reports of cyber threats to clients’ proprietary and customer data almost daily. Financial institutions, governmental entities, corporate boards, general counsel, executives, and managers must develop policies and procedures to protect their networks and data and respond to cyber-attacks.  Businesses and governments must also comply with increasingly complex state and federal requirements to protect data and respond to data breaches. Litigation exposure, including class actions, is an ever-present and growing risk.

Our Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Team combine litigation, regulatory, crisis management and technical expertise to meet the multi-faceted needs of our clients. Our team’s experience provides the skills and tools necessary to solve clients’ problems—whether helping to assess and reduce network security risk, shifting risk to insurers or third parties, or responding to a potential breach or its aftermath. When a data breach occurs, we are prepared to help our clients respond rapidly. We assist with forensic and internal investigations, risk and crisis management, public relations, interact with regulators and comply with state and federal disclosure requirements. When litigation or arbitration arises, our attorneys effectively manage and defend class actions, shareholder or securities litigation, consumer protection lawsuits, and other data privacy claims. We also guide our clients through governmental investigations.


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