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Government Contracts

We serve clients in every phase of the procurement process, including providing strategic advice on submission of bids and negotiation of proposals, the filing and defense of bid protests, contract performance and claims resolutions.

We have clients ranging from large defense contractors to small businesses entering the federal market place for the first time. We are experienced in both commercial and non-commercial procurement matters for the acquisition of supplies and services and have assisted our clients on matters such as:  preparation and submission of bids and requests for proposals,  procurements with the General Services Administration (GSA) schedules, advice throughout the competitive source selection process to include discussions and debriefs, negotiation of contract clauses, contract modifications, REA’s and claims, non-disclosure agreements, software and technical data licenses and descopes and terminations.

When it comes to defending our clients in either litigation or investigation with the government, our attorneys are knowledgeable in all aspects of the bid protest process, audits, suspension and debarment proceedings, and other federal compliance and regulatory investigations.  We assist our clients in structuring internal policies, procedures and training on compliance and ethical matters related to the Procurement Integrity Act, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), False Claims Act, Organizational Conflicts of Interests (OCI) and other ethical issues.

With skilled former government attorneys, an accomplished litigation team and experienced corporate lawyers, we offer talent to government, defense and aerospace clients.  Our attorneys bring firsthand knowledge from their prior experience as former military procurement lawyers and counsel to prime contractors, who have handled all aspects of government contracts, to include development of requests for proposals, competitive source selections, bid protests, contract administration and terminations. We also have several former and current Judge Advocate Generals with contracting experience and former Assistant United States Attorneys. In addition, when a matter requires specialized knowledge in other areas of law, our firm also has experience in the areas of international trade, white collar criminal defense and government investigations, intellectual property, and patent law, as well as experience in corporate law, joint ventures, finance and mergers and acquisitions.

Government Contracts Services:

  • Bid Protests

  • Requests for Equitable Adjustments, Claims and Termination

  • Commercial Products and Services

  • GSA Schedule Contracting

  • DoD Contracting of Commercial and Non-Commercial items

  • Construction

  • Export Controls and International matters

  • Regulatory Compliance and Investigations​

    • ​IG Investigations

  • Services Contracting

  • Small Business/Socio Economic Matters

  • Intellectual Property, Proprietary and Technical Data Rights

  • Procurement Fraud and Investigations

  • Regulatory Compliance Counseling, Ethics and Training

  • State and Local contracts

  • Suspension and Debarment

  • Terminations and Contract Restructuring

  • Transactional Support/ Teaming Agreements / Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Joint Ventures

  • Tax Planning and Compliance


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